UNC REX Healthcare Careers

Nursing Externship Program

Next program start date: May 2021

General Program Overview

  • Ten week program
  • One week hospital orientation including: General Orientation, Clinical Orientation, Clinical Computer Orientation, & New Nurse Orientation
  • Unit-based orientation and preceptorship with a seasoned nurse preceptor
  • Opportunities to develop and utilize clinical skills encompassed by the Nursing
  • Assistant II certification
  • Role shadowing opportunities for special procedures and in various specialty care areas
  • Monthly peer support and continuing education sessions

To be eligible, candidates must:

  • Be entering senior year of nursing school in Fall 2020
  • Have an average 3.0 GPA or higher (required)
  • Achieve a Nurse Aide II certification prior to start date

Application Process

Apply online - Early 2021

  • Critical Care - (req# OTH01P12)
  • Medicine & Short Stay – (req# OTH01P0Z)
  • Emergency Department - (req# OTH01P13)
  • Intermediate Care – (req# OTH01P1A)
  • Surgery Services (Med/Surg) – (req# OTH01P11)
  • Post/Ante Partum & NICU – (req#OTH01P22)
  • Pre/Post Cath Lab - (req# OTH01P1B)
  • Heart & Vascular Diagnostics – (req# OTH01P1C)
  • Perioperative Services – (req# OTH01P1O )

Upload college transcript as part of your application process. Official transcript not required.

*Applications will not be reviewed until all supporting documents are received.