Chocolate Tofu Mousse

10 ounces of tofu

¾ cup original, unsweet almond milk

6 oz. semi-sweet chocolate, broken into medium size pieces

3 - tablespoons of agave syrup

¼ tsp salt


Warm almond milk until it bubbles around the edges.  Combine the almond milk and chocolate.  Let set about a minute then stir to dissolve. 

Puree tofu in a blender until smooth.  Add the melted chocolate mixture, agave and salt and blend for another minute or so till very smooth. 

Pour into 8 small serving dishes.

Makes about 8, 1/3 cup servings


Nutrition Information – Cals – 165;  Fat –9 gm; Sat fat – 5 gm; Chol – 0 mg; Sodium –110 mg;

Carb – 20 gm; Fiber –  2 gm; Sugar –17 gm; Protein –  5 gm;  Potassium – 33 mg




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