Kardia Café

At heart-healthy Kardia Café, located on the bottom floor of the North Carolina Heart and Vascular Hospital, you can expect an eating experience that will offer you delicious, fresh, made-in-house food.

Two things make Kardia Café unique.

  1. Kardia's food is so good that you won't believe it's healthy.
  2. Kardia encourages you to be creative, adding another layer of enjoyment to the dining experience.

Kardia offers delicious dishes that draw on Mediterranean cuisine without going too far from home.

That burger you're enjoying? It's not only super tasty it's also optimized for your health, featuring a mix of lamb and lean beef, with a pimiento whipped goat cheese, roasted tomatoes, artichokes and red onion.

Build Your Own

Kardia’s build-your-own style menu allows you to choose from seriously delicious yet healthy versions of chicken salad, Moroccan carrot salad, red lentil salad, and more. Every option is tasty and healthy.

build your own plate from kardia cafe

Scoops of healthy deliciousness from Kardia Café.


Part of the way that Kardia Café provides a unique, game changing experience to its customers is through its beverage program.

No soda is offered at Kardia. Instead, fresh, delicious alternatives make diners understand that just because soda is familiar, it’s not the freshest or most delicious choice.

Instead of soft drinks, Kardia features a fresh, naturally sweetened, house-made beverage that change every day and according to season. Past examples include lavender honey black tea, rosemary-infused blood orange juice, and their staple: Kardia Kolada (coconut milk and pineapple juice).

rosemary tea from kardia cafe

Rosemary sweet tea from Kardia’s ever-changing beverage program.

Kardia also makes fresh, delicious smoothies every day with coconut milk. Their delicious smoothies get rave reviews and are extra-appreciated by people who have a hard time with dairy and lactose.

Kardia also features coffee (including nitro cold brew coffee on tap!), bottled juice and tea.


Kardia’s entrees are always two things: delicious and good for your heart. Some examples include the Kardia House Salad, which has cucumbers, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, roasted tomatoes, red onions, a lemon wedge, and a smile-inducing roasted tomato and caper vinaigrette. It is mega flavorful and can be served with a protein, like this grilled salmon.

house salad with salmon from kardia cafe

Not bad for hospital food, huh?

Another example is Kardia’s chicken salad. Hint: It's not your normal chicken salad. Bright and tangy, this healthy and delicious dish occupies the magical territory between salty and sweet. You may never have had a dish that combined golden raisins, dried cranberries, and capers, but this is worth trying.

chicken salad from kardia cafe

Delicious Greek yogurt chicken salad.

Hours and Location

Kardia Café is located on the bottom floor of the North Carolina Heart & Vascular Hospital, adjoined to the main hospital in Raleigh.

We are open Monday - Friday from 7 am - 3 pm.

For more general information, please call (919) 784-7490.

For catering information, please call (919) 784-2028 or email tara.freeman@unchealth.unc.edu.

Hours of Operation

We are open Monday - Friday from 7:00 AM- 3:00 PM. 

For catering information, please email tara.freeman@unchealth.unc.edu.

Kardia Café Menus

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