Parking at UNC REX Hospital

As a benefit to our patients and visitors, all parking at UNC REX Healthcare is free. Parking areas are marked by signs.  Members of UNC REX Protective Services staff make frequent rounds of all parking lots, and are available to answer questions or provide other assistance. They can be spotted in white-colored Rex Healthcare vehicles. For your safety, all parking lots are monitored by audiovisual equipment 24 hours a day.

UNC REX Security Escort Service

If you or your family members/visitors leave UNC REX after dark and would like to request escort services to any of the lots, call 919-784-3333.

Pharmacy Parking

The REX Pharmacy of Raleigh has an assigned and convenient parking spot for our customers to use when shopping with us. It is extremely close to the main entrance, next to the visitor parking deck, and is a premium spot for pharmacy customer to use. (15 minute max)

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at UNC REX Hospital

UNC REX is proud to be one of the first hospitals in North Carolina to provide plug-in vehicle charging stations for visitors and co-workers. The free charging stations are located on the ground floor of the UNC REX parking deck, located near the hospital's Main Entrance on 4420 Lake Boone Trail in Raleigh.

Contact UNC REX Healthcare

To reach the hospital operator, please call 919-784-3100.


Make a note, or snap a cell phone photo of exactly where you are parked so you can quickly find your car as you leave. Parking areas are marked by signs.