Pastoral CarePastoral Care

Our chaplains are here to provide spiritual guidance to patients, families, visitors and staff. We offer spiritual and emotional support regardless of religious beliefs, helping patients and families seek meaning, find strength and remember hope.

Chaplains are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you would like to request a chaplain visit, speak with your nurse, call 919-784-3371 or contact the hospital operator.


Pastoral Care Services provides an interfaith ministry of pastoral care and support to the patients, family members, visitors, and staff of UNC REX Healthcare. We seek to respond to the spiritual and emotional needs of persons living with the experience of illness and hospitalization while respecting their own beliefs and traditions. We believe the spiritual and emotional parts of living with illness and its meaning are vitally important for the lives and relationship of persons. Our mission is to care for the souls of patients, families, and staff of UNC REX.

Sacred Spaces

Our Sacred Spaces are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for prayer and reflection. The Sacred Space in the Main Hospital is located on the second floor near the Patient Tower lobby. The Sacred Space in the Heart and Vascular Hospital is located on a first floor near the waiting area. The Sacred Space in the Main Hospital can be reserved for special services.

Chaplains/Pastoral Care

Chaplains are available to patients and families for support related to the impact of hospitalization, illness, grief and other issues. You can meet with the chaplain assigned to your clinical area, have your nurse page the chaplain, or call the Pastoral Care office at 919-784 -3371 to request a visit. A chaplain is available 24 hours a day.

Chaplains are here at UNC REX when you need comfort and support. Chaplains are trained to provide comprehensive support in times of crisis, trauma, and grief.

Chaplains are here to listen when you feel vulnerable, confused, lonely, or angry. Chaplains provide confidential and non-judgmental spiritual support. Chaplains respect and understand various religions and cultures, and may advocate for family preferences with healthcare professionals. Chaplains may assist you in making healthcare decisions. Chaplains provide a calm, less anxious presence while providing comfort to you and your loved ones.

Worship Services

For information about the various worship services offered, please call the pastoral Care office at 919-784-3371.


The REX Hospital Guild maintains the Maude Grimes Garden for patients, visitors and employees to enjoy. Patients who wish to visit the garden should notify their nurse before leaving their unit. Patients needing assistance may request a volunteer to accompany them. The Garden is located in the courtyard on the first floor across from the cafeteria.

Ethics Committee

The UNC REX Ethics Committee helps you, your support persons, staff and physicians deal with issues of conflict with medical care. The Committee consists of members including physicians, nurses, lawyers, social workers, chaplains and community members.

To contact the Ethics Committee, call 919-784-3371 or contact the hospital operator and have the chaplain-on-call paged.

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