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Dr. Parekh,
I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I want to thank you that I can have a Merry Christmas with my family. I am ever so grateful to you that you continued to send me for tests until you found out about the loop in my small intestines. Thank you greatly for writing a referral letter to Dr. Mark Karvdo at UNC Chapel Hill. My Oct. 10, 2013 surgery seems to have been the answer and blessing that I needed. I am now able to eat anything I want to without having any pain and without getting sick (nausea and/or diarrhea and losing food I had eaten). I have been able to gain weight from 97lbs to 115lbs. Thank you again for being so persistent until you found my problem.

Thank you with all of my heart!

Dear Dr. Kohagen and Staff,
This is to show our appreciation for all of your effort and help on Coy’s liver transplant journey. Because of your recommendation and reputation, everybody was onboard and the transplant process moved quickly and smoothly.

Kathrin and Coy

Dr. Mokeba,
Whew! Another set of colonoscopies done! Thanks!
And we thank you for making the transition for Lovell and me from 34 GI and colonoscopy years with Dr. Pollock as easy as you have!
We look forward to many years under your care.
And since it seems that our colons do grow polyps, it looks like we will have recurring dates with you!
We will see you in three years – for both of us! Till then – Thanks! Not a “fun” procedure but a very worthwhile one!


Dr. Parekh & Staff,
I am so grateful to you and your staff for helping me to get off the PPI. I do believe they were slowly killing me, and robbing me of my voice. I had lots of fluid retention that’s gone now. Too many problems to mention, especially the esophagus spasms that would wake me up during the night very often, all gone!

I do take Zantac 150mg once a day. That’s how I start each day first thing in the morning, then wait one hour, before eating or drinking. I am so thankful for you and your staff for sticking with me and helping me. The girls were good about calling me and encouraging me to keep up the good work.

That’s what I want to tell you – keep up the good work you are doing. You are a great doctor. I think of you all every day as I take my Zantac 150mg.

Have been PPI free for months now.
Yours Truly,

Dear Dr. Kohagen,
I never got the chance to thank you for your wonderful compassion and non-judgmental caring for Ray. He liked you very much and was very comfortable with you. I wish you and your family a blessed holiday season. I’ll never forget your kindness.


To Dear Dr. O’Loughlin,
I was deeply grateful and humbled on Friday when Dr. Speca said you would do the procedure. It filled me with great confidence to know you would be in charge. On Saturday you gave a clear explanation to my husband. I have felt so much better since then. Thank you for being a doctor. Thank you for being the kind of doctor that you are. Your children can be very proud to have you for their father.


Dr. Kohagen,
Congratulations on being named among NC’s best in Business NC. We are pleased, though not surprised – you’ve had our votes!
Daddy is eating better and feeling stronger. I met w/ Dr. Wehbie and we decided to be merciful and not tell him of the cancer – which he would understand and not remember. Thank you for suggesting we consider dilatation.
God bless you,


Dr. Parekh,
I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for taking me on as a patient! I found you very professional, engaging and compassionate! I’m very appreciative of the excellent care you gave me before, during and after my upper endo.
Never having this done before, I was “a little” apprehensive prior to, but you made me feel at ease. As a patient, that’s extremely important!! I will highly recommend you to anyone needing digestive services!! You’re an excellent physician in all capacities!!

Thank you again!

Dr. Mokeba,
I need to write you a note to thank you for the excellent attention you gave to my mom, Maryjane. You were the first doctor, in a long time, that was willing to think with us about the mental and physical toll of her month–long, debilitating spasms. I cannot really thank you enough for hearing us and understanding our need to find something concrete that would calm these spasms. (Why no other doctor would offer us a solution to try does baffle me when we were clear with our need during each doctor office visit.)
At any rate, as you may now know, mom got relief immediately after taking one Xanax tablet. If the spasms abate, I know mom will regain her confidence and independence that was previously so evident.
Of course, I hope tomorrow’s Upper GI test will not show any problems…
You were a “bright spot” in my demanding 3 weeks with mom.
Thank you again, 


Dr. Parekh,
I wanted to thank you for all the care and help you’ve given me over the past year. In all sincerity, you’re the best doctor I’ve ever met and I’m so lucky to have been your patient. I hope you have a great holiday and an even better new year!

Dear Dr. O’Loughlin:
Dave and I wanted to step back a moment and take time to tell you how very much we admire and appreciate your services as my physician. Dr. Weinrab was very detailed in the problems encountered once I was in surgery and your ‘scathingly brilliant suggestions’. I have dubbed both of you the MacGyver Medical Team.

As you know, our company works with professional practices and we speak and write on client/patient relationships as critical key to a profitable practice that also provides for a quality of life for the physician and other service providers.

I believe, and I so preach it, that today’s medical provider has to have three qualities to succeed; i.e. Caring Heart – Compassionate Mind – Clinical Excellence. Today’s doctor who looks beyond the face of the patient and sees how the doctor’s actions impact their life is truly a gifted healer. You certainly have all these qualities and more.

From our first appointment and since the cancer surgery and the resulting problems, I felt like I had someone that was truly looking at what was in my best interests. There is no doubt but that you understand me, my lifestyle, and my belief in positive attitude. I am smart enough to know the issues I have, but the fact that you don’t give up on me and you are providing me with good solid medical help gives to me what is most important: the ability to live my life to the fullest. That gives me a great deal of trust in you.

Please convey to your offices our sincere appreciation for the courtesy they extend to us when they call, during procedures (at the Endoscopy Center), and our strong belief they also have qualities of caring, compassion and strong clinical excellence. They and you are a credit to the practices.


Hi Mickey,
At the risk of sounding like a hypochondriac, I have been to the following doctors in 2010:

Gastroenterology (liver and colon) ophthalmologist, gynecologist, vein, eye nose & throat, general practitioner, cardiologist, dermatologist and periodontist.

I didn’t write the above list to show you what happens when one retires, but instead, to prove that I am a keen observer of medical offices and their staff. I can now rate Digestive Healthcare as the best of all. You are commended for having a friendly staff and a good anesthesiologist, and I want to say that Karen Saville is the best healthcare provider that I have been to (other than you and Dr. Kohagen, of course). She is so friendly, knowledgeable and organized. In fact,when my cardiologist requested blood work to make sure that Pravastatin wasn’t affecting my liver, I had the lab send a second report to Karen. Guess who called to tell me my liver functions were ok. Yup, the cardiologist called a full week after Karen.

So kudos to Karen and now rather than a critic, I’ll help spend your money…Karen deserves a bonus or at least a pat on the back for a job well done.

May you shoot par in 2011.

Dear Dr. Kohagen,
A note to thank you for being my doctor, for caring for me, and for sending me to Dr. Jeff Crane, MD, Oncologist! I am lucky to have physicians who understand that medicine is an art, as well!
With Admiration,


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