Rex Volunteer Services

General Questions

  • How do I become a volunteer?

Complete the appropriate online application. If Volunteer Services determines an applicant is a good fit for our program, the applicant will be contacted to schedule an interview with the coordinator.  If placed in the program, you will complete an on-boarding process that usually takes from 4-6 weeks.  Details about the on-boarding process will be discussed thoroughly by your coordinator during your interview.   

  • I am in the process of looking for a job and my schedule is flexible right now; can I begin volunteering?

We suggest that you concentrate on finding a job first, and then, once you have secured a job, you will have a better idea of your long-term availability and can determine whether volunteering will fit into your schedule.

  • I have applied for a job at UNC REX Health Care. Will volunteering help me get the job?

We do not recommend volunteering in an attempt to secure employment at UNC REX Healthcare.  Volunteering does not guarantee employment. For information on UNC REX Healthcare employment, visit

  • I want to volunteer with my child. How can I sign up for that?

At this time we do not have family volunteer opportunities.

  • I need court-ordered community service hours. Can you sign off on those for me?

Your acceptance is based on the offense. We do not accept cases that involve illegal drugs, violence, etc. We also require a 75 hour commitment before we will supply documentation of service.

  • I’d like to volunteer with my friends. Can I do that?

We do not have group opportunities available.

When and Where You Can Volunteer

  • I’m only available in the evenings or on weekends; will there be anything for me to do?

There are a few areas that can use volunteers after 5 p.m. and/or on weekends. Typically these areas include our gift shop and information desk. Even though we are open 24/7 unless it is an emergency, most medical procedures and tests are conducted Monday through Friday during the day.

  • Can I volunteer where my spouse/mother/son/daughter is employed?

No, you cannot volunteer in the same department where a relative works. You can, however, still volunteer with UNC REX Health Care.

  • Is there a required minimum hours per week?

We ask that volunteers commit to at least one 4-hour weekly shift. 

Registration Questions

  • Where do I park? Do I have to pay for parking?

Volunteers are allowed to park anywhere on campus that is not reserved. UNC REX does not charge for parking.

  • I don’t know where my shot record is, what should I do?

If accepted into the program after your interview, you will report to Employee Health. They will ask for your immunization record. If you do not have information available, they can perform a blood test. They will provide required immunizations free of charge.

  • Who has to get the flu vaccine?

All volunteers MUST have the flu vaccine in order to volunteer. Volunteers can receive their flu shot from Employee Health. If you obtain you flu vaccine elsewhere, documentation must be provided to UNC REX. Our policy is that everyone must receive a flu shot.

  • Does it cost anything to be a volunteer?

We ask that volunteers pay $12 to purchase the required uniform  - polo shirt or jacket. TB tests, flu shots, and other mandatory vaccinations are provided by Employee Health free of charge.

  • Is there a required uniform?

Volunteers are asked to follow a dress code which includes the volunteer polo shirt or jacket. ID badges must be worn at all times, above the waist. The polo may be paired with khaki or dress pants or skirts that fall below the knee. Denim, shorts, and open toed-shoes are not allowed during volunteer shifts.

When You’re a Volunteer

  • Do I always get the volunteer position I want?

We will try our best to place you in an area that you are interested in, but understand that with the restrictions of your availability, the number of volunteers, and the spots available in certain areas (sometimes there are no vacancies), you may not always get your first choice.

  • I speak English and Spanish, are there jobs for me?

Yes, we love to have bilingual volunteers, as many of our patients are Spanish-speaking. However, we do not use volunteers as interpreters.

  • How will I know what to do? Will I receive special training?

Every volunteer goes through orientation and will receive training specific to his or her area. Before you begin your assignment, you'll receive training at orientation for general hospital protocols, safety, and infection control. Each area has a position description that outlines the duties and expectations. Once in your area, you will be given further details about your duties

  • I want a position that is hands-on, what can I do?

During your interview, the volunteer coordinator will discuss the role of the volunteer and expectations. There are some roles that support staff in clinical areas.  Other volunteer jobs involve serving behind the scenes assisting families and visitors, as well as providing staff support. There are also some jobs that are more clerical or office-related in nature.

  • Can I do more than one volunteer job at a time and come more than once a week?

Generally, we only allow new volunteers to work in one service area when they begin volunteering. Once you have become acclimated to your volunteer position, we can discuss adding additional responsibilities. Please make sure that you have enough time to properly commit to both roles.

  • Do you offer the opportunity to shadow physicians or observe in a clinical setting?

Volunteer Services does not arrange any shadowing. Interested parties must contact a person in the profession they are interested in to set up shadow experiences. Once a person agrees, that person is responsible for following the UNC REX  and department guidelines.  .

  • I’m a licensed CNA/RN/phlebotomist/etc. Can I volunteer in that role?

No, you cannot volunteer in any position that requires certification.


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