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Yoga and Tai Chi Classes

The REX Wellness Centers offers you specialty classes in addition to our regular group classes.

These specialty classes are often open for non-members who chose attend classes without purchasing a full membership. These classes are open to you as a member at a discounted fee.


Looking for a great yoga class? The REX Wellness Centers have a variety of yoga classes for you that will help improve your physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Some yoga classes are included at no extra charge as part of our group exercise program, other specialty yoga classes are offered to to you, as a member, at a discounted rate. Explore group fitness yoga class descriptions and schedules.

If you are a member or a non-member interested in a specialized yoga course explore the fee based classes below. View the specialty yoga class schedule.

  • Beginning/Continuing Yoga - In the beginning/continuing class the focus is on building body awareness, flexibility, strength, endurance and balance. Traditional yoga has been known to improve mental focus and clarity, create an inner calm, as well as improve some chronic physical issues and be a preventative measure. Traditional yoga is more than a physical exercise; it is a whole body/mind practice. Sessions are 1 hour.
    • Cost: Members $60; Non-Members $75 (6-week series)
    • Cost: Members $100; Non-Members $125 (10-week series)
  • Prenatal Hatha - This class is designed to provide the experience and enjoyment of yoga for expectant mothers through their entire pregnancy. This prenatal series helps to gently strengthen the uterus and pelvis muscles, improve digestion and promote spine mobility; all of which will increase comfort and enhance relaxation. The breathing techniques, postures and conscious relaxation learned in class promote a healthy pregnancy and help prepare for labor and delivery. A doctor’s note is required to participate. The 1-hour class is in a six-week session.
    • Cost: Members $66; Non-Members $80
  • Post-Natal Yoga - Giving birth is transformational! Giving birth can be intense physically and emotionally for the mother. You may wonder when and how you will return to your pre-pregnancy figure and strength. Come join other moms in a six-week yoga class specifically tailored to regain muscle tone and strength in the pelvic and abdominal areas. We will also focus on the back body with proper alignment of the spine and hips to help alleviate back, shoulder, and neck strain. Above all, learn how to practice self-care and relaxation so you can nurture and care for yourself and your baby. This class is suited for moms that are six-weeks postpartum until they are ready to return to a regular yoga practice. The 45-minute class is in a six-week session.
    • Cost: Members $66; Non-Members $80
  • Yoga Foundations - for those wanting to try yoga without the intimidation of a group class or those wanting to refine their practice. We will do a step by step of the foundational yoga postures with correct structural alignment, including appropriate modifications for each individual. We will introduce the breath and how to link it with movement. This series will empower you to join a group class safely and confidently. This small group format will allow for questions and discussions, all are welcome! Come find your yoga! Maximum of 10 participants. This is a 6-week series. Sessions are 1 hour.
    • Cost: Members $60; Non-Members $75
  • Gentle Assisted Yoga - Do you have difficulty getting up from the floor? This class is tailored for the newbie and those with limitations and poor balance. Improve posture, range of motion, joint mobility and stability, flexibility, strength and balance. Develop core strength, decrease back pain, increase lung capacity and assist with mental clarity and function. Each class ends with restorative relaxation. This class is a six-week session. Sessions are 1 hour.
    • Cost: Members $60; Non-Members $75
  • Adaptive Yoga - Adaptive yoga is a way to raise awareness of all variables adapting your practice so it makes sense to you and is safe and comfortable. It emphasizes the experience within poses, not simply physical achievements. If you are looking for a way to gain greater strength, balance, and mobility both on a physical and mental level, manage anxiety and stress, and manage pain or injury in a non-traditional yoga class, this is for you. Poses are primarily done from a chair. This class is a six-week session. Session are 1 hour.
    • Cost: Members $60; Non-Members $75
  • Yoga for Strong Bones - Participants will learn the fundamental principles of movements of bones, tendons and ligaments as they practice the yoga positions kinesthetically in a correct alignment to strengthen the bones. The class is a six-week session. Sessions are 1 hour.
    • Cost: Members $60; Non-Members $75
  • Restorative Yoga - Relax and renew with this mini vacation. We will travel through a series of supported relaxing yoga poses, holding each pose for 5-15 minutes while focusing on the breath and quieting the mind. You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and focused. The class is a six-week session. Sessions are 1 hour.
    • Cost: Members $60; Non-Members $75
  • Yoga and Healthy Aging - Who doesn’t want to maintain strength, stamina, balance and flexibility as we age? This six-week yoga class is designed to offer a safe program of yoga postures, modifications, breathing practices and meditation to aid the integration of age-related changes into your life and to enhance your overall health and well-being.

    • Cost: Members $60; Non-Members $75
  • Yoga - Ease of Movement - This 6-week yoga series will take you through the opening and releasing of joints and muscles while practicing correct breathing techniques to enhance the position and pose. Each week will define a certain posture and method to increase range of motion and decrease tension throughout the body.

    • Cost: Members $60; Non-Members $75
  • Yoga for Back Pain - Yoga is one of the more effective tools for helping soothe back pain. The practice helps to stretch and strengthen muscles that support the back and spine, such as the Para spinal muscles that help you bend your spine, the multifidus muscles that stabilize your vertebrae and the transverse abdominis in the abdomen, which also helps stabilize your spine.
    • Cost: Members $60; Non-Members $75

Tai Chi

  • Tai Chi - Tai Chi is a gentle, low impact, aerobic exercise which involves the entire body and mind. For anyone rehabilitating from injuries or living with chronic physical conditions and joint limitations, Tai Chi can be a safe exercise to improve range of motion, reduce pain and inflammation, increase muscle strength and stamina, and improve balance. It is also tremendously valuable as a stress management technique and appropriate for all levels. Sessions are 1-hour.
    • Cost: Members $60; Non-Members $75

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