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two women doing pilates at REX Wellness Center

Pilates Studios

The REX Wellness Center of Wakefield features a state-of-the-art Pilates studio.

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Pilates is an excellent exercise for all ages and abilities. It’s gentle on your body while offering a safe, effective and challenging workout. Designed to allow your joints to work through a full range of motion, Pilates increases flexibility and builds strength creating a sleek toned body, free of excess bulk.

Done individually or with a partner, Pilates is designed to transform the way your body looks, feels and performs.

Mat classes use the body weight for exercises, while the Reformer adds resistance to the Pilates exercises via the use of the springs that form part of the machine. Pilates mat work is the basis for the entire Pilates system of exercises. Regular Reformer Pilates helps build a stronger core, improves posture, mood, body shape & muscle tone, increases flexibility, builds optimal health and helps you to move more efficiently. It takes stress off joints and bones whilst providing a challenging, overall body workout.

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  • 30-minute single session: $45
  • 30-minute 6-session package: $233
  • 30-minute 12-session package: $449
  • 1-hour 6-session package: $341
  • 1-hour 12-session package: $641
  • PT/Pilates Combo Six-Pack: $310


  • 30-minute single session: $57

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