Rex wellness members participating in TRX class


TRX suspension training is a high-intensity strength workout that adds the element of instability by using all bodyweight-based exercises. Increase muscle definition, endurance, strength, flexibility and sports performance through this fun and challenging workout.

TRX is offered in either a small group setting (five to eight participants) or individually with a certified personal trainer.

TRX Class Descriptions

Beginner TRX - Beginner TRX incorporates the basic movements of TRX at a slower pace. Safety, modifications and fundamentals will be stressed throughout this class.

Offered at REX Wellness Center of Knightdale.

TRX- A high intensity strength workout that uses all bodyweight based exercises to add an element of instability that demands greater joint stabilization, core strength and muscle endurance. Although exercises can be modified for all fitness levels, this is an intense workout and appropriate for those who have been exercising regularly.

Offered at REX Wellness Centers of Cary, Knightdale, Garner and Raleigh.

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